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Providing 5G-Access, 5G-Core & Xhaul Technologies in combination with SDN/NFV/MEC Service Platforms within one single Place

5G Berlin contributes to the global 5G research arena as being a unique location in which the newest 5G related access, core and software technologies and corresponding expertises are integrated, allowing researchers from academia and industry to interact across disciplinary borders and test latest technologies, system components and applications in a real world setup. 5G Berlin is an open extensible environment allowing new partners providing leading edge technologies and knowhow to join this initiative committed to develop and test innovative 5G infrastructures, products, and applications.

Based on the extensive knowhow assembled within the provision of pioneering 3G and 4G related testbeds in the last decade, Fraunhofer FOKUS and HHI are globally recognized independent research organizations able to manage such an open innovative testbed infrastructure and to unite the different stakeholders of emerging 5G value chains.

NGNI, 5G Berlin, Infografik, 11.06.2015
5G Berlin Fraunhofer Institute

Current global research towards the next generation wireless system architecture is driven by the requirements defined within the Next Generation Mobile Network (NGMN) Alliance´s 5G  White Paper and the ITU-T IMT 2020 FG´s Gap Analysis on Standards report and getting aligned with Europe's 5GPPP initiative. Having its current focus on new technologies and features enabling 5G, but also witnessing the need for an evolution from existing wireless broadband technologies and the ongoing softwarization of telecommunications, an important next step in 5G R&D will require early prototyping, proof of concept, and field trials of new infrastructures and the various use cases envisioned within the 5G context. 

5G Berlin is a Fraunhofer led research initiative formed in 2014 by Fraunhofer HHI and FOKUS based on their existing technology knowhow and globally recognized testbed activities contributing to the global wireless broadband research arena. 

5G Berlin consists of a set of different technology tool kits and interconnected laboratories within the center of Berlin addressing the most novel technological advances towards 5G. Its technical coverage spans across 5G core, access, Xhaul, SDN/NFV and IoT technologies facilitating and End-to-End testing experience.

NGNI, 5G Berlin, Research Map, 11 Februar 2016
5G Berlin Research Map Fraunhofer FOKUS

The 5G Berlin testbed environment is open to all partners actively involved in 5G technology development and testing. It represents an extensible comprehensive end-to-end environment for 5G related research activities, allowing partners joining their efforts, interact across disciplinary borders, and test latest technologies, air interfaces, hard- and software-based system components & protocols, and applications in a real world network set-up.

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