Innovationcluster 5G BERLIN e.V.

The innovation cluster 5G BERLIN e.V. is a partnership between research and business aimed at promoting innovation associated with the key technology “5G”, the next-generation communications network. The initiative increases the international stature of Berlin as a location and brings an important component of the digitalization process to Germany’s capital city. The objective of 5G BERLIN is both testing technologies and promoting new 5G applications. The initiative is currently in the start-up phase and will begin with the establishment of the 5G-Testfeld and the inauguration of the 5G-Center in early 2018. By combining the unique infrastructure in the 5G-Testfeld and the comprehensive networking activities of the 5G-Center, the innovation cluster 5G BERLIN will make an important contribution to the future viability of the companies participating.

The innovation cluster is composed of various stakeholders: regional, international, small and large companies, research institutes, industry associations and networks. The mission of the 5G-Center is to consolidate these stakeholders, to create an information network and to form the basis for new partnerships. The 5G-Center promotes both the internal and external communication of 5G BERLIN and facilitates innovation transfer as well as the coordination of partner activities. In particular, the classical telecommunications industry is to be networked with new 5G stakeholders. The 5G-Center in the new Fraunhofer HHI lecture hall is the central contact point for 5G BERLIN and serves as a networking platform for startups, SMEs, research institutes, major companies and public authorities

The 5G-Testfeld includes the sustainable establishment and operation of a high-performance test infrastructure on the North Campus of the Technische Univerist├Ąt Berlin in order to test technologies under real conditions. Here the infrastructure is to be expanded incrementally and on a need-driven basis in order to completely leverage innovation potentials. First 5G technology of the 1st Phase will be installed at existing macro-cell sites. Then, in order to realize very high data transmission rates, in addition streetlights will be equipped with 5G technology of the 2nd Phase and networked (millimeter wave technologies). The streetlights will also be equipped with sensor technologies and computing power and represent an enormous potential for future 5G applications. The components of the 5G-Testfeld are provided by the partners and are further developed in the overall system. The 5G-Testfeld implements all relevant technology components of a convergent 5G network and will facilitate the development of innovations at the Berlin site.


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